Adjusting the Page View

When you are working in Trimble Connect for Browser’s 2D Viewer, you can adjust how the document is shown. You can change the layout, page transitions, zoom and enter/exit full screen mode.

Set the Page Layout

Changing the page layout is especially useful when you want to get an overview of the document layout. Open the Page View Settings dropdown menu to select different page layouts.

Enter Full Screen Mode

You can use the 2D Viewer in Full Screen mode through the Full Screen button located in the toolbar shown in the lower right of the screen.

Pressing the same button will exit the mode. You can also press the ESC key.

Adjust Page Magnification

Show a Page at Actual Size

The actual size for a PDF page is typically fit to screen.

To view the actual size of the page

  1. Open a file in Trimble Connect for Browser's 2D Viewer.

  2. Click in the 2D View area.

3. Press CTRL + 0 (Windows) or ⌘ + 0 (Mac)

4. The page will be resized accordingly.

Change the Magnification with the Zoom Tools

To adjust the magnification level click the Zoom In button or the Zoom Out button in the toolbar shown in the lower right of the screen.