Editing, Closing & Deleting ToDos

Update a ToDo’s Embedded View

Depending on the user permissions, the Update function will be enabled. 

To update the embedded View

The View will get updated. 

Edit a ToDo

Depending on the user permissions, the Edit functions will be enabled. 

To edit a ToDo

Assigning ToDos

You can only assign the ToDo if you are the administrator of the project, or if you have created the ToDo.

ToDos can be assigned to multiple users at once, and to user groups. As you type, the auto-complete dropdown will list all project members that match your text. If there is no assignee, the field is left empty, which is the default option.

Once a ToDo has been assigned to a user, they will have some edit functionality.

Learn more about ToDo permissions ›

To assign a ToDo

Close a ToDo

When the work of a ToDo is complete, you can easily mark the item as closed by setting the status to Closed. Once a ToDo has been closed it will be removed from the active list of ToDos and shown under the closed section in the ToDo Tab.

To close a ToDo

The ToDo will get listed under the closed section. 

Delete a ToDo

Only the creator of a ToDo or the Project Administrator can delete ToDos. 

CAUTION: Deleting ToDos from the project cannot be undone. Deleting the ToDo will delete it for everyone it was assigned to and all the data as well.

To delete a ToDo

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