Rectangle Annotations


Rectangle annotations are used to draw on documents to add information to a View.

  • Rectangle annotations can be edited after creation.

  • Rectangle annotations can also be moved by drag and dropping it.

Add a Rectangle Annotation

To add a rectangle annotation

  1. Open a file in Trimble Connect for Browser's 2D Viewer.

  2. On the toolbar, open the Shape Annotation Menu. Select the Rectangle Annotation tool.

  3. The tool will become active.

  4. Click and drag the mouse to draw the annotation.

  5. Release the left mouse button.

Quick Tip

Holding the SHIFT key while drawing the shape will draw a symmetrical square.

Edit a Rectangle Annotation


These instructions assume that you have already created a the annotation in Trimble Connect for Browser's 2D Viewer.

To edit the annotation

  1. Select the annotation.

2. Click and drag one of the end points to edit the boundary and shape.

3. To move the position of the annotation, click and drag the annotation (from the center) to the desired area.

4. Release the left mouse button.

Style Properties

The style properties can be accessed by pressing the Style button after the annotation is selected.

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